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During divorce, you may feel like everything is ending. The idea of seeking a new career, home or identity may be overwhelming. But YOU are not over.

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    Identify the steps to healing

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Are you a woman considering or going through a divorce and open to what your life has to offer? My specialized coaching practice guides women from heartbreak to happiness, from pain into purpose, and from questions to action.

How Coach Leslie Has Helped Me…

  • “Thank you so much for your support. My life has changed drastically over the past two months. Thank you for keeping me on track.”

  • “I was fortunate to find Coach Leslie when my life was falling apart. She immediately offered to meet with me in person and even drove twenty miles to meet me at a Starbucks, where she bought me a cup of coffee. She then just held my hand as I cried and blurted out my story. She took me through a coaching process that immediately helped me start to move forward with my divorce. Coach Leslie is an amazing coach who supported me every step of the way!”

  • I highly recommend Lesley Welch. She is extremely qualified and well versed in her field. I was highly impressed with her knowledge. She was able to guide me in critical areas and gave wonderful advice to help me get through a touch situation.

    Heidi K.
  • I got divorced in March this year and was having a difficult time seeing the good in life....then Leslie came along! Over the course of 5 weeks Leslie has helped me get to a place of happiness and seeing the good everyday. I feel I have a more positive outlook than I did when we first began. She is amazing. She really listens to you and will change her thoughts to accommodate what you need during the moment. She's amazing and I love working with her. Thank you Leslie for helping me through a difficult time in my life.

    Robyn S
  • I was introduced to Leslie via a mutual friend and we just clicked. She has many different methods to help you work through not just your immediate circumstance but your whole life ahead. Her patience and kindness make you feel as though you can tell her anything.

  • "Thanks, Leslie! You guided me towards my courage and strength to move forward. With your assertive but soothing and caring voice you helped me to rediscover my passion again." 

    Margaret Turewicz
  • "Leslie was able to walk me through processes that enabled me to resolve my issues and create calm in my life… a peace and serenity that I did not have before. Leslie is a talented, knowledgeable, passionate, and gifted coach; she has the experience and dedication to her clients that makes her a top-notch coach. I appreciate the simple processes she offers her clients for real and lasting change."  

    Rebecca Staples
  • “Leslie Welch has been such a guiding light for me. She is patient and understanding. More importantly she has a unique velvet manner of helping me to see what I wasn’t able to see before. 

    She has sought out creative techniques to help me overcome fears and embrace strengths. She has taught me several techniques that I have been able to use on my journey outside of our sessions. I always look forward to our time spent. I am always amazed at how fast the time goes."

    Kelly Mizell

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Find out why my specialized approach to professional coaching is most effective for where you are right now, using strategies for thriving through divorce, future visioning and attracting the people, income and opportunities you want most into your life.

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